forever not knowing what to make the subject line of my e-mails

"boss ass bitch deigns to give you 0.0001% of attention"

Anonymous asked:

aw thank you for replying ^_^ but i wanted a new bag mainly to bring at concerts and i find my prada too big for that purpose:)

yeah i think the alexa might be better suited for that! also have you heard about mulberry cutting their prices? xx


First day 😯 face

ok but see now you also look like lydia from teen wolf
Anonymous asked:

I currently have a LV Speedy 30 in DE,LV Neverfull MM in Monogram,Prada BN2274 in Black and for my next bag I want a Mulberry. I'm really liking the small Del Rey in black with gold hardware but I also really like the Alexa :/Which one would you suggest? xx

the prada bag is pretty similar to the del rey so i’d invest in an alexa xx

Anonymous asked:

top 5 singers or bands of all time? x

in no particular order:

  • haim
  • arctic monkeys
  • coldplay
  • cocorosie
  • disclosure

i’m not even sure this is my top five this is just the top five that are in my mind right now xx

so like a couple of hours ago i tried rescuing a bird that was stuck on the ground with a broken wing and it died in my hands and i’m still not over it


My handmade necklaces


I hope you fall in love with a man with good music taste and a jawline stronger than your wifi connection

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